Summer Feeding Coordinator

Company Name:
Food Bank of South Jersey
The Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ) is starting a coordinated effort to provide children in our four counties with lunch and snacks during the summer. The Summer Feeding Coordinator's (SFC) primary responsibility is to provide oversight to FBSJ's Summer Feeding program. H/she will lend program support by completing site visits, training and needed paperwork. The SFC will manage all administrative duties, menu preparation, coordinate volunteers, supervise the preparation of summer meals and conduct the USDA-mandated monitoring and reporting. The job has two main components, a strict adherence to the compliance needs of the federal Summer Feeding Program which include site monitoring and extremely accurate and timely meal counts and reports from each site. The second component consists of training and managing youth interns and volunteers in food preparation and delivery, maintaining food safety and punctual daily deliveries.
Assist the Manager of Direct Services in Summer Feeding planning
Attend the State Summer Feeding Training
Be very familiar with the rules and regulations of the federal Summer Feeding Program
Identify and finalize sites and train site staff in the regulations of the program
Provide technical assistance as needed to site staff
Identify and train volunteers to monitor sites and turn in reports
Work with Manager of

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